The Marathi Bride

A Marathi brides’ inner joy and liveliness beams through the elegance and intricacies of her outfit. Different from all other traditions, the pearl string mundavlya tied across her forehead, the traditional pearled nath on her nose and the multilayered jondhali haar, a Marathi bride stands out from everyone.

Maharashtrian Wati

The Maharashtrian Wati, where ‘Wati’ means ‘containers’ in Marathi, is a mangalsutra with two conical, vessel-shaped gold pendants symbolising life and fertility. They are strung together with black beads and gold to protect the wedded couple from negative energies. The black and gold beads refer to Shiva and Shakti, representing the families coming together for the sacred union.

Neckwear Sets

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