The Punjabi Bride

The extravagance and vibrancy of a Punjabi wedding is not just reflected in the ceremonies, but in the way a Punjabi bride dresses up from head to toe. Wearing an embellished heavy lehenga, in the dense hues of red, and pairing it with a bright red and white chooda and golden kalire, she looks more than gorgeous. Her shahi haar and a magnificent maang tikka adds to her elegance. As the ceremonies end, the bride also rejoices about the new stage of her life.


History hails this choker as an icon of divine protection for the Punjabi bride and the groom. It is the first and the primary piece that the bride adds to her regal demeanor - a melange of precious stones and stunning goldwork.

Neckwear Sets

Sets of stunning chokers and necklaces paired with intricately weaved earrings; crafted to complement the euphoria of your special day.

Splendid Teardrop Gold Neckwear And Earrings Set


Alluring Gold And Diamond Neckwear Set


Royal Diamond, Ruby And Pearl Haram


Graceful Diamond Neckwear Set


Entrancing Diamond Neckwear Set


Regal Antique Gold Neckwear Set




Nosepins & Naths

A hallmark of culture; the pride of every bride.
Presenting to you a range of beautifully crafted nose pins.

Sublime Gold Nose Pin For The Indian Bride


Marvellous Gold Nose Pin For The Punjabi Bride