The Tamil Bride

Adorned in the unmatched beauty of the gold jewellery with studded gemstones and her embellished Kanjivaram saree, a Tamil Bride will make your heart skip a beat. Adding even more grace to her look are the Neti Chutti and Ottiyanam, crafted with intricate designs of gold, making the bride look nothing less than a Goddess. She tucks her hair gracefully with a Kunjalam embedded with gemstones, entrenched in her hair ornaments, a Mangamalai Haar adorning her neck which symbolizes a happly married life and a Kolusu on her ankles, making her feet look elegant.

Tamil Thaali

The Tamil Thaali began its life as a talisman for protection. The men would bring home objects of nature which were strung together and adorned by their wives. Each community has its own design imprinted on the Thaali: the Lingam, the Thulasi-madam, the Vaishnavite Namam and they all symbolise fertility. Along with that, the Thaali has three knots or ‘Mundru Mudichu’ where they represent the mind, speech, and action. Typically, the Thaali is carried around the hall by the priest and displayed on a bed of flowers for guests to bless it before it is tied around the bride’s neck.

Neckwear Sets

Sets of stunning chokers and necklaces paired with intricately weaved earrings; crafted to complement the euphoria of your special day.

Neckwear Set 22 Karat


Opulent Gold Neckwear Set


Scintillating Gold Neckwear Set


Scintillating Gold Neckwear Set


Traditional Gold Neckwear And Earrings Set


Opulent Gold Lakshmi Kasu Neckwear Set




Thali Kodi

The gift of traditions lies upon your wrists with our exquisitely crafted range of bangles.

Luminous Gold Thali Kodi Chain For The Tamil Bride


Dazzling Gold Thali Kodi Chain For The Tamil Bride