The Telugu Bride

Inspired by the rich heritage, the Telugu bride wears gold jewellery created intricately, and infused with vision and tradition. Her silk saree, when worn with her traditional jewels such as a Vaddanam on her waist, a Surya & Chandra on her head and an Aravanki on her hands, makes her look divine and radiant. With elegance and spirituality being her inner ornaments, she makes the seven vows to begin an everlasting journey.

Gutta Pusala

Loosely translated, Gutta in Telugu means 'shoals of small fish' and Pusalu means 'beads'. The necklace strings pearls together and is held up in fringes. It owes its origins to the pearl fisheries of Andhra Pradesh. The motifs take after the pristine quality of the clouds, the vibrance of peacock feathers, and the beauty of floral bloom that is sure to take your breath away.

Neckwear Sets

Sets of stunning chokers and necklaces paired with intricately weaved earrings; crafted to complement the euphoria of your special day.

Sublime Antique Gold Neckwear Set For The Brides Of South India


Regal Gold Neckwear For The Brides Of South India


Lakshmi Kasu Gold Neckwear For The Telugu Bride


Exquisite Gold Neckwear Set For The Telugu Bride


Ornate Gold And Ruby Neckwear Set For The Telugu Bride


Gleaming Gold Neckwear Set





Dainty Gold Mattal Perfect For Indian Brides

Ethereal Gold Mattal For The Telugu Bride